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Frequently Asked Questions

How do price adjustments work?

Price adjustments are agreed upon BEFORE work starts. We base our prices off the package selected, and we typically adjust our prices as follow:

  • Travel: $25 per 30 minutes of travel

  • Interior Size: $25 for standard SUVs, $50 for 3rd rows

  • Exterior Size: $25 for trucks and oversized SUVs

  • Cleanliness: Variably for rare issues

  • Dog Fur: $50 for 2 rows, $75 for 3 rows

All adjustments are at the discretion of the technician.

What does the Technician Need?

If you can not provide any of the following resources, please contact us BEFORE booking your appointment:

  • Spigot access for a garden hose

  • Electrical outlets

  • Room to park and work around the vehicle

Optional, but will help us produce a better end result:

  • A shaded area

  • A paved driveway

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