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Detailing Packages

Our mobile detailing packages cover every section of your vehicle, both inside and out. Packages combine both the interior and exterior services at a discounted rate!
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The Express Package is best for those who want the essentials done when cleaning their car. Service that's well worth the price, including:

- Interior Vacuum
- Interior Dusting
- Wipe Down Door Jambs
- Wash Windows

- Clean Tires
- Hand Wash
- Hand Dry

- Clean Floor Mats

Express Package

Starting at $125*

Basic Package

Starting at $225*

The Basic Package is our most popular service. This package offers a professional cleaning that leaves your car feeling refreshed and protected!

- Includes all services listed in both the Basic Interior and Basic Exterior Services.

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The Premium Package is a great way to get your car looking, smelling, and feeling like it's almost new again! Shampooing and a clay treatment can work true miracles!

- Includes all services listed in both the Premium Interior and Premium Exterior Services.

Premium Package

Starting at $325*

Professional Package

Starting at $700*

**Professional Guarantee**

Incomparable in quality, the professional package truly lives up to its name. This package will guarantee a clean that deems your car "new again!"

- Includes all services listed in both the Professional Interior and Professional Exterior Services.



*All pricing is subject to vehicle size, condition, and cleanliness. Pricing will be settled before work is started.

**Professional services entitle every customer to a free follow up appointment to address dissatisfactory service quality.

Starting Price
2.5 hours
5 hours
6.5 hours
10 hours
Overall Quality
Coating Quality
0 Months
1-3 Months
3-6 months
6-12 months
Interior Dusting
Interior Vacuumed
Interior Panels Washed
Floor Mats Cleaned
Door Jambs Cleaned
Windows Washed
Wash and Shine Tires
Deionized Wash
Hand Dry
Crevices and Pockets Cleaned
Spot Steam Treatment
Undercarraige Rinse
Bug and Tar Removal
Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo
Leather Conditioned
Clay Bar Treatment
Seats Removed
Complete Steam Treatment
Polish Rims
Shine Exterior Plastics
Pro Buff and Wax
Professional Guarantee
Full Packge Comparisons
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