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Detailing Packages

Our mobile detailing packages cover every section of your vehicle, both inside and out. Packages combine both the interior and exterior services at a discounted rate!
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The Express Package is best for those who want the essentials done when cleaning their car. Service that's well worth the price, including:

- Interior Vacuum
- Interior Dusting
- Wipe Down Door Jambs
- Wash Windows

- Clean Tires
- Hand Wash
- Hand Dry
- Spray Wax

Express Package

Starting at $120*

Basic Package

Starting at $200*

The Basic Package is our most popular service. This package offers a professional cleaning that leaves your car feeling refreshed and protected!

- Includes all services listed in both the Basic Interior and Basic Exterior Services.

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The Premium Package is a great way to get your car looking, smelling, and feeling like it's almost new again! Shampooing and a clay treatment can work true miracles!

- Includes all services listed in both the Premium Interior and Premium Exterior Services.

Premium Package

Starting at $260*

Professional Package

Starting at $340*

**Professional Guarantee**

Incomparable in quality, the professional package truly lives up to its name. This package will guarantee a clean that deems your car "new again!"

- Includes all services listed in both the Professional Interior and Professional Exterior Services.



*All pricing is subject to vehicle size, condition, and cleanliness. Pricing will be settled before work is started.

**Professional services entitle every customer to a free follow up appointment to address dissatisfactory service quality.

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